6 Look-Alike Celebrities




Whether you think it is creepy or too coincidental, there are so many celebrities who can pass for each other. The fact that so many celebs look like other celebs really shows how small the world is and makes you wonder how many people look just like you. Even though some of the celebrities do have an obvious difference here and there, the similarities are to close to miss. Here are six celebrities look too much alike:

1. Zooey Deschanel And Katy Perry

We know that Zooey already has one sister, but it seems like she should have a twin.





Not only do the two look incredibly alike, but they also share the sassy quirkiness that makes them favorites of so many loving fans.
2. Zoe Saldana And Thandie Newton

Their exotic faces and expressive eyes make these two look like they could be sisters. Thandie Newton has parents from Zimbabwe and Great Britain. Zoe Saldana has parents from Puerto Rico and Dominican Republic. Even though they come from such different backgrounds, they still look like they could be related.….READ MORE ON THE NEXT PAGE