6 Methods to Obtaining Free Schooling



Unfortunately, not everyone can afford to go to school because of all of the expenses that add up over time. Although there are programs such as financial aid and there are school loans, not everyone qualifies for aid and not everyone wants to get a loan and pay it off later. There are plenty of ways to decrease the amount of money to invest in schooling. By following these steps you may find that you can get through schooling without breaking your back over finances.

1. Public Speaking

Regardless of where you live – whether it is a large town or a small one, going to lectures is a great way to get more information on a certain topic that may apply to what you want to do with your life. Public lectures are usually free and they are given by people who are absolute experts. Try attending one and seeing whether or not this form of learning helps you.






2. The Public Library

A great way that you can study for free is by visiting your local library. You do not have to invest in tons of expensive books in order to get the necessary information that you need to do a report or a project. Take advantage of a free education by renting out books at the library and by downloading free guides online.

3. Look Into Email College

If you’ve never heard of it, the Email College has many short courses on an array of topics. If you are interested in a given topic and you want to learn a lot more about it without investing in a specialized education then look this place up. There are no qualifications with this; you will receive a new section of this course every couple of days and then you can go through the work at your own pace.….READ MORE ON THE NEXT PAGE