6 Mistakes You May Be Making with Your Eyebrows


7 – Although thicker eyebrows are coming back in style, you do not want to give an unnatural appearance by using eyebrow pencil or powder that is too dark for your skin tone and hair color. Do not fill your eyebrows so they look like solid blocks of hair stuck on your face. If you do not have experience or skill to do it smoothly, you can skip this step of your makeup regimen as long as the eyebrow hair is full enough. Brow mascara can also be easier to apply.


8 – However, if you have very sparse eyebrows, you will want to fill them in some so it doesn’t look messy on your face. Choose a color of brow makeup similar to your natural hair color and follow the direction your hair naturally lays in the brow. Use short, delicate strokes of makeup to give the appearance of fullness without any harsh lines.