6 Pains the Indicate you should Stop Exercising


It’s never fun when we are motivated to exercise but end up getting injured or feeling a pain somewhere.  Studies have shown that far too many people will ignore these pains, and it will end up contributing to the damage that they had done initially. If we don’t allow our body to heal we can cause long-term damage to them. There are some that you should always listen to and stop working out.

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 1. Wrists

If you have ever heard your wrists pop while you are lifting or working out your biceps you should really stop immediately. This will usually happen when you have rotated your wrist, and that means your wrist was holding onto that weight instead of your arm. If you keep allowing that to happen, you could very well sprain it or tear a tendon in it.

2. Sharp pain

If you feel a sharp pain in the tailbone when you are cycling it could be due to the fact that you have pulled your hamstring. A tailbone pain can be avoided if you cycle standing up or if you use shorts that have padding in them on the seat area. You also need to make sure that your seat is the correct height and make sure that your knees are in position so that you can prevent any sharp pains in the future.….READ MORE ON THE NEXT PAGE