6 Perfect Summer Nail Polishes



Finding the right nail polish color has a lot to do with the season and how daring you are in terms of pastels. Beauty experts are advising that women use pale colors during the summer to blend in with your outfits. There are some fabulous bright colors that you may prefer over bold and tacky.

1. NYX’s Shade of Purple

This is a purple glitter which can be found at a cheap price at any local drug store. Purple is the perfect color to wear during the summer. It can blend in with so many outfits and if the glitter is too much, there’s other shades of purple by NYX that are less flashy.

2. Wet n Wild Caribbean Colors

This is a shade of nail polish that is absolutely stunning and at such a low price. They have plenty of different shades of summer colors that you can blend in with your outfit or occasion. Being that they are as low as $1.29 a bottle, you can get the whole collection to match your everyday wardrobe!

3. Covergirl Queen Blue






The whole Queen collection by Covergirl is breathtaking but the Rhythmic Blue takes the cake. This is a deep aqua shade which comes with a base color and a topcoat as well. It is three in one for as little as $3.19 at your local drug store. This makes it the perfect manicure or pedicure set.

4. MAC Splendor

MAC is well known for its quality products which is why it’s acceptable to spend a bit more money on their nail polishes. At $12 per bottle, the polishes look dazzling when they are applied. The purple is a beautiful violet color which looks breath taking with a black dress. Yes, you can even wear black during the warm weather. You can’t go wrong with MAC either.