6 Plastic Surgeons for Skin Treatments


If you have a certain skin condition and you are tired of dealing with it, you can meet with a plastic surgeon because thanks to the latest medical advancements, it is easier for plastic surgeons to offer you painless and effective skin treatments that will correct the skin problems you have.  Before you choose a plastic surgeon, you should research different surgeons and verify that they are licensed and insured. Ask each plastic surgeon how long he has been in business and get referrals from the surgeon’s former clients.

1.      Laser Facials

 If you are having facial appearance problems that affect your confidence, you can get a laser facial from the plastic surgeon. One of the main reasons why some people get laser facials is because they want to reduce the signs of aging in their faces such as wrinkles and fine lines.





Those with melasma or other forms of hyperpigmentation in the skin could benefit from a laser facial. In a laser facial, the surgeon applies a laser device to the problem areas of the skin and as a result, only the new skin cells remain.

2.      Skin Treatment for Psoriasis

 Psoriasis is a skin condition where a person experiences red and itchy patches on his skin. One type of treatment that a plastic surgeon would offer someone with psoriasis is phototherapy. In this therapy, the surgeon will apply a laser device to the difficult patches on the skin that are caused by psoriasis, and he would also recommend that the patient gets more exposure to sunlight since it helps his condition improve.….READ MORE ON THE NEXT PAGE