6 Popular Phobias of Women



There are certain strong phobias which prevent some people from getting involved in the activities which should make them to always enjoy life. Some are more common than the others, and probably you are one of those women who are afraid of certain things which will be briefly described here.

1. Fear of Spiders

Among women, the fear of spiders is one of the most popular phobias because those insects are creepy. The smallest spider is not even left out of the category.

2. Fear of Heights

The acrophobic are people who suffer from the fear of heights, and very common among women.






They are always afraid of heights, such as traveling by air, doing mountain climbing and climbing a ladder. To some extent, it does make sense especially it is a very tall height.

3. Fear of Public Speaking

Most women are also afraid of speaking in the public. They always avoid what would bring them to the front of the class or a large group of people to make an address. Some of them are very social, but fall out when it comes to making a speech or illustrating something. Those who suffer from this phobia always suffer from it more than those who generally are not interested in speaking in the public.