6 Random Beauty Tips You’ve Got to Try



There are all sorts of articles out there regurgitating the normal beauty tips, but these are six you might not see so often. They can help to formulate your own look and give you a more polished finish.

1. Make Your own Nail Polish Color

All you need is clear nail polish and a few eyeshadow colors that you like. Put the eyeshadow on your nails in any combination you like and then put the clear coat overtop to seal it in. It gives you a unique color that is a little sparkly and more fun than most colors for sale.

2. Shape Your Nails Properly

Not everyone should have the same shape nails. The tip of your nails should actually mirror the shape of your cuticles. If you work with this shape you will find your nails are healthy and easier to grow long because you are not fighting with the weaker areas of your nails.

3. The Right Way to Use Dry Shampoo

Dry shampoo tends to leave white patches in your hair. If you spray the dry shampoo on your comb or brush and then run it through you hair it is more evenly distributed. This often gives you shinier, healthier hair than you could achieve otherwise.….READ MORE ON THE NEXT PAGE