3. Choose your styling products! Help your hair preserve perfect volume for a long time by selecting styling products. Such airy products as foam or mousse will best fix the volume of the hair, but remember that all products for building volume should be applied strictly to the roots of your hair. Otherwise, you won’t get the desired volume.

4. Use thermal protection. Damaged and fine hair is the most difficult to acquire and retain volume. Preserve and protect your hair from the effects of cold wind and sunlight. There’s no better way to achieve this than using thermal protection. Before blow-drying make it a rule to apply spray or oil to protect your hair, so cold air and active ultraviolet rays won’t affect its structure.

5. Make your bid on massage. A special massage will help improve texture and condition of your hair. Try to massage the scalp every night before bedtime in circular motions for 5-10 minutes. This will increase blood flow, hair will grow faster, and therefore, will be healthier, and the volume will be bigger and fuller.

6. Pick the right hairstyle. Special haircuts will help achieve a visual effect of volume. Especially if your hair is thin and devoid of volume, choose a layered, step-cut, such as a ladder or a cascade. With such hairstyles top layer of the hair looks lighter and more airy, so the hair looks bigger.