6 Short Straight Hairstyles



1. Short Layered Bob

This is a good hairstyle for those with short straight hair and round faces. To achieve this bob, the stylist would cut your hair in a bob shape as usual then she would layer your hair and have it placed near your face’s front section in order for you to have a slimmer look on your face.

2. Spiked Pixie Cut

This hairstyle has a lot of spunk and confidence and if you have worn long hair for years, now is the time to go short and look fierce with the spiked pixie cut. Women often wore spiked haircuts in the 80s and 90s and these are back in style although there have been women who never gave up this look. Blondes can rock this hairstyle well but if you dye your hair red or a dark black, you can really make a statement with the style.

3. Shag Short Hairstyle

Meg Ryan is known for her short and sophisticated shag look but in reality the shag has been in existence since the 1970s. The shag look is also convenient if you are a working woman who hates to spend hours on your hair during the week. With the shag, you have layers starting at the top then going towards the bottom. The choppy layers are the main highlights of this hairstyle.

4. Angled Hairstyles

If you like a more sexy and futuristic look to your short straight hair, you should wear an angled haircut because this style offers a creative way to style your hair and it lasts for weeks depending on how well you maintain it. With the angled haircut, you can have the back part short while the front of the hair is medium-length.….READ MORE ON THE NEXT PAGE