6 Skin Care Tips



1. Skin Care Advice For People of Color

If you want smooth skin as a person of color, you should use cocoa butter because it reduces any stretch marks, age spots and any dark brown blemishes you may have on your skin. You can also bathe with cocoa butter soap and moisturize your skin with cocoa butter lotion. Another important thing you can do is exfoliate your skin so that you will remove dead skin cells. Honey is a natural skin care tool so you can use it to moisturize your skin.

2. Natural Skincare Remedies

Your skin needs plenty of vitamin A and bananas are an excellent source of this vitamin so if you want healthier skin, you should a few bananas each day and you can mash bananas, combine them with yogurt, and rub on your face to moisturize the skin. Sugar is healthy for the skin because it has glycolic acid and this acid acts as a natural exfoliant for the skin. Finally, you should drink more water since it hydrates your skin.

3. Wear Sunscreen

It is also important that you wear sunscreen whenever you go out because excess exposure to the sun causes premature aging signs on the skin, leading to wrinkles. In addition to wearing sunscreen, you don’t want to spend too much time in the sun as this ages your skin over a period of time.….READ MORE ON THE NEXT PAGE