6 Smart Tips to Help You Make a DIY Picture Frame




Nothing adds more allure to a painting, photo or even a note than a nice picture frame. Unfortunately, most picture frames are expensive. Some are too fragile, and hardly last a year especially where kids are around. It, therefore, makes perfect sense to roll up your sleeves and make a frame or rather frames for your favorite pictures. That is where diy picture frame ideas come into the picture. They are easy and fun to make. They also go a long way to help one save money that would have otherwise been spent on expensive picture frames. But just how do you get started? Read on to find out.

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DIY Picture Frame


Take a look at the picture you want to frame. Which color will blend with it well? You may not know it but a nice color border around the picture you want to frame enhances picture quality. It also provides an intricate restful area between images and the frame.

Cutting the picture frame

Find out first the amount of picture frame molding material you will need. Then measure the picture you wish to frame. To ensure that the picture snugly fits into your diy picture frame, add an extra 3 mm for ‘play’. Add the length and the width of the picture then multiply the total by 2. This will give you the overall length. Note that you must also allow the mitre cuts. With that in mind, multiply the width of the molding by 10 then add this to your total. In a nutshell, use this formula: (Length + Width) x 2 + (Mould Widthx10) = Total.

Clamping the frame

Clamp the frame tightly if you want it to hold your pictures well for long. Use a Steel Strap Clamp or a Cord Clamp to secure your diy picture frame for joining. A Strap Clamp is highly recommended as it allows the user to clearly see all the four corners of the frame clamped together before you can join the frames.