6 Statements to Avoid Tweeting



There are times in which people really expose too much personal information on social networks. If you plan on tweeting anything soon, there are some things you should consider avoiding before you get yourself in some trouble with other people or with the law! Avoid tweeting these things and you’ll avoid a lot of future problems.

1. Gossip

While at times it can be pretty fun to gossip with your close friends and family, you shouldn’t reveal any gossip on social networks – especially, when it pertains to someone like your co-worker. Exposing anything on your network that pertains to your work may not be a brilliant idea.




If your co-worker ends up getting a Twitter or your boss does and he adds you on it before you have time to delete your statuses it could put your job or your pleasant workplace environment in jeopardy.

2. Vacation Time

Although it’s fun to post pictures up after you have taken a vacation, you should definitely avoid telling people or strangers about a vacation that you are going to go on. They will know that your house is going to be empty and that is an opportunity for anyone to break in. Avoid that at all costs!….READ MORE ON THE NEXT PAGE