6 Steps for Effective Time Management Strategies



When you are working on a plan to make your life a bit more organized, all you need to do is add some time management strategies to your day. Once you do this, your life will not be so stressful.

Step one: Prioritize work.

The first step towards positive time management is to rank your daily tasks. The tasks that are unpleasant and required should be accomplished first.






If you have tasks that are not rushed or required, should be put on hold until the most important tasks of the day are accomplished. Keep your list short enough to fit in the day so you can actually feel like you have completed your daily tasks.

Step two: Create deadlines for your responsibilities.

Your important tasks need to be completed so you should set time lines and deadlines for those tasks. Some projects need to be broken down into little parts and it is important to get those small tasks done so the big picture gets completed, too.….READ MORE ON THE NEXT PAGE