6 Steps to getting Dip Dyed Nails


If you are attempting to keep up with the nail trend that has been up these past couple of years then knowing the techniques for getting dip-dyed nails is important. Dip dyed nails also fall under the category of ombre nails or gradient. All that you’re going to need is a makeup sponge and three polishes that you want to use. Choose ones that are most fitting to the season, or the event that you will be attending.

The first thing that you will want to do is prep your nails, just as you would any other time. Prepping them will keep them healthy because it keeps your nails healthy first. You’re going to want to wash your hands, take off any polish and then clip and file them as you would normally. When you are done put a clear base coat on because it’s a nice foundation for the other polishes to lay on.

1. Sponge

Have a makeup sponge with you. These are sponges that you can find at any store, and they will come in a pack. They are usually a triangular shape, and you should find the cheapest one from a local Wal-Mart. Soak this in a cup of water before they use it, and it will stop the nail polish from absorbing into the sponge.

2. Contrast

Choose two or three nail colors and colors that contrast with each other are going to work best. You can use some that are slightly different but make sure that they are of the same huge so that it forms a nice gradient effect. Paint the whole nail with one of your chosen colors initially and then allow it to dry. The first coat that you put on should be the lightest.

3. Patches

You will want to paint small patches onto the actual sponge and make sure to paint a few coats so that the polish doesn’t dry up before you can actually use it. Do not put them to close together because you don’t want them to blend in just yet.….READ MORE ON THE NEXT PAGE

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