6 Tattoo Designs And Their Meanings


3. Tribal Tattoos

For those who love artwork from Africa, Latin America and from the Native Americans, you can get tattoos that look like tribal patterns because tribal patterns have bold colors and designs to them. If you wear earthy bohemian clothing that resembles the 60s and early 70s, tattoos on your hands in henna and in tribal designs match those outfits well.

4. Planetary Tattoos

If you are someone who has a telescope and who cannot get enough of Star Trek, you can get tattoos that pertain to planets or the study of them. The tattoo artist can draw a medium-sized telescope on the back of your leg or he may decide to draw tiny planets on the back of your neck. Other ideas include astronauts, space shuttle, or the name of a well known space explorer from the 20th century.….READ MORE ON THE NEXT PAGE