6 Things Not to Say through Text Messaging



It’s far too often that communication through text messaging is taken the wrong way. We live in a generation in which we are strictly communicating through text messaging and social networks. It can be difficult to keep track of what is being written down because it’s such a habit to see a message and respond to it without second guessing how the other person is going to take the text. There are certain things to avoid through this form of communication and they are as follows.

1. Avoid Ending Relationships

One of the most common things that people do through text messaging is ending a relationship with another person. This is the worst thing to do. Breaking up is difficult as it is and ending that relationship via text messaging is very impersonal and insulting toward the other person.

2. Avoid Coming Out

If you plan on coming out soon and exposing your homosexuality it’s a good idea that you do not do it through a social network or through text messaging. Just like breaking up, this is a confrontational conversation you should have with somebody. Keep this conversation for a face-to-face interaction with someone important. Doing this through text messaging is also a bit cowardly.

3. Avoid Exposing Pregnancy

Pregnancy is a beautiful thing and sharing that with family members of loved ones is something that you should do when you are face to face with them. This isn’t something to be ashamed about. If you are embarrassed about your pregnancy and you are exposing it to your parents, the worst thing that you can do is do it to them through text message or through a social network.


4. Avoid Announcing an Engagement

If you have just recently got engaged and you want to tell your family and friends about it, you shouldn’t do it in an impersonal text message. Do this face to face or plan a get together with all of them so that you can make the announcement in front of everybody so that they know it is an important occasion and they are a part of it.….READ MORE ON THE NEXT PAGE