6 Things You Should Not Say in Your Text Messages



We live in a digital age and it seems that we are slowly losing our ability to have good communication through face-to-face interaction or even over the phone. There are instances when a group of people can sit in a restaurant together yet send text messages to each other in the same place! There is nothing wrong with text messaging but there is etiquette when it comes to this kind of communication. Here are some things you should not say through text messages.


1. Never Break Up Through Text Messaging

One thing you should never do is break up with your partner through a text message because it insults the other person and it is better to break up with someone in person than through text messages. However, if your partner is physically abusive and your life could be threatened by this person, then it is perfectly fine to end the relationship with a text message and move on with your life.

2. Come Out The Closet in Person

You do not want to come out to your parents with a text message because it is not fair or respectful to them, even if you know that they will not approve of what you want to do. When you tell your parents about the decision, allow them the freedom to express their opinions because you owe it to them. Once the conversation ends, you are free to communicate with them primarily through text messages if they do not want to see you in person again.….READ MORE ON THE NEXT PAGE