Let’s face it, it isn’t always that easy to get that special guy you’ve got your eye on to make the first move and ask you out on a date. Although following these tips do not guarantee that the particular man you are interested in will definitely ask you out, they will help you attract the right type of guy for you. Here are some tips to get men to ask you out.

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It doesn’t do any good to pretend to be somebody you’re not because eventually people will find that out and resent you for it. Plus, it would get very tiring always trying to keep up the pretention. It is always best to be who you are; after all, you want people to like you for who you are, not for who they ‘think’ you are. Be honest. If you are having a conversation with a man and he brags about his favorite sport team, which you may happen to dislike – or perhaps you don’t even care for sports – don’t like and say you’re a die-hard fan as well. It will only come back to bite you when he suggests watching a game or talking about the game and you have no idea how to respond correctly. Who knows, later you may become a fan, but for now, just be yourself and be honest.


The old adage that ‘sex sells’ is true, but then, take a moment to stop and think… what are you trying to sell? Or rather, what kind of guy are you trying to attract? Sure, you’ll get attention wearing low cut tops and short skirts, but what kind of relationship will you be attracting for that? Obviously you want to look your best, but that doesn’t mean that you need to stop being who you actually are. Keep in mind that not all men (and actually most men) don’t like a woman with a lot of make-up. They like the ‘natural’ woman that doesn’t take two hours to get ready to go out. A lot of make-up, real expensive clothes and clothes that are ‘too sexy’ have a tendency to give a man the idea that you are ‘high maintenance’. While there are some men who do like that, the majority of them don’t. Of course you will still draw attention just because that is the nature of men, but it probably isn’t the ‘right’ kind of attention. Instead, be yourself and dress the way you normally do. You can do yourself up a little more than you would just to go to the grocery store or some other errand, but don’t overdress (or under dress) just for attention; you may not like what you end up with.….READ MORE ON THE NEXT PAGE