6 Tips To Make Your Lips sexy and kissable



If you are someone who is not always kind to your lips, you know how it reduces the softness in your lips and you may feel frustrated that you cannot seem to keep your lips soft. You do not always have to turn to store-bought products to soften your lips because there are natural methods of doing this and you can also create your own recipes for getting softer lips.

1. Put Vaseline Or Lip Balm On Your Lips Before Bed

This is a good method of softening your lips because as you sleep, you moisten your lips without much effort. You can get creative by making your own lip balm. All you need is a third cup of melted Vaseline and a few teaspoons of brown sugar along with a few teaspoons of Kool Aid.

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2. Moisturize And Exfoliate The Lips

When you exfoliate your lips, you remove dead skin from the lips and this leaves you with refreshed and softer skin. You can exfoliate your lips with brown sugar and honey, and to moisturize your skin, you can put milk, almond butter or olive oil on your lips in order to have softer skin.


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3. Hydrate Yourself By Drinking More Water

Even if you exfoliate and keep your moisturize your lips regularly, nothing keeps your lips softer than hydration of the insides and skin, and you stay hydrated by drinking six to eight glasses of water a day. Water prevents dehydration and it cleanses the toxins out your body.


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