6 of the Tricks that Can be Used to Bring Out Your Blue Eyes


4. Wear Concealer To Hide Dark Circles

When you have blue eyes but dark circles are under your eyes, your blue eyes will not stand out the way they should. If you wear a concealer in a yellowish or brownish tone, you can hide those dark circles effectively and the focus will be more on your blue eyes. A cream-based concealer works better than powder-based concealer since it stays on longer.

5. Go With Glittery Makeup

If you are attending a nighttime event that calls for outlandish outfits and makeup, you can sport glittery makeup in a way that makes your blue eyes pop. Start by washing your eyelids and moisturizing them, then you should put on the eyelid primer. After you do this you would apply a shimmery silver or gold eyeliner or eyeshadow over the eyelids and then apply black mascara and curl your lashes.

6. Use Pink or Peach Blush

Another way to bring out your blue eyes is to wear a light pink or peach blush on your face, and if you have olive or dark colored skin, this color is a good choice for you if you have blue eyes. Be sure not to put too much blush on your face because it makes you look like a clown and you want to look sophisticated yet feminine at the same time.


When you have blue eyes, you are in an enviable position and with these methods, you can bring them out for everyone to notice. In addition, you can read a few beauty magazine articles on the topic and if you know people with blue eyes, ask them how they make their blue eyes pop. Finally, have fun and experiment with different makeup techniques.