6 Unusual Words You Rarely Use in Life



Just when you thought you understood ]every complex word in the dictionary, there are yet some words that you may have never found in the dictionary or if you have, it could have been in an old-school dictionary from centuries past. While you will probably be laughed at if you use the following six unusual words, it is okay because at least you have the satisfaction of knowing that you are building on your vocabulary.


1. Impavid

This word means bold or fearless but the word does not look like anything that would mean bold but rather timid. Here are some neat ways to use this word. If your teenage son is trying to build a career for himself after high school, you can tell him that he needs to be as impavid as possible in the job search or if your friend does not stand up for what he believes in, tell him that he ought to be impavid in this area of his life.

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 2. Belgard

This means to give someone a courteous and respectful look. We live in a society where rudeness is the order of the day for many people, and when people give you a mean look, you get upset. If you want to put a smile on a person’s face, iris best to give more belgard looks to them.

3. Duende

This is Spanish in origin and the word means to attract someone with your charm. Many handsome and financially well-off men have a certain duende that draws all kinds of women to them. For the attractive ladies, they use their beautiful charm to get the guys going after them. A person’s duende can also be their inner character traits such as kindness, patience and compassion for others.

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