6 Unusual Words You Rarely Use in Life


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4. Hobbledehoy

This is the definition of an awkward or socially inept person, particularly teens. Many of our now refined and articulate celebrities were once hobbledehoys due to their awkwardness and at strange behaviors. Some nerds are viewed as hobbeledehoys because they do not like the same activities as so-called normal folks their age.

5. Unclubbable

Now before you assume that this means someone who cannot act properly at a nightclub or who cannot stand nightclubs, this is not completely true. You do not have to avoid nightclubs in order to be considered unclubbable because the word simply means someone who is generally anti social.

6. Collocate

This word means to put your items in correct order. A neat freak is more likely to collocate his items in order while someone who could care less about organization may not want to collocate every single thing in the home. Collocation is one of the best ways to keep your house or office clutter free.


When you learn about and occasionally utilize words you never heard of, you are not only building your vocabulary but you also get to impress your friends. If you love researching words and you are a teen, you should consider a career as a teacher, writer, news reporter or even a lawyer.

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