6 Ways of Getting What You Want


While it is true that you cannot get what you want all of the time, you can get what you want at various times in your life if you utilize the right steps. Sometimes it can be difficult to do but with practice and determination, it is possible. Here are 6 steps to having what you want.

1. Give Valid Purposes for What You Want

If you are going to get what you want, you will need to come up with valid reasons why you want certain things. For example, if you want to borrow $600 from your childhood friend, tell him that you will use the money to pay rent that is due this week but you do not get a check until next week.






2. Start With Small Requests for Favors

Another way to get what you want on a regular basis, you should start with requesting small favors then proceed to larger ones as you build trust with the person you want regular favors from. For example, ask your neighbor if she would show you how to prepare recipes and if she does this, there is a high chance that she may prepare ready-to-eat meals for you to heat up during the nights when you come home late from work and not able to cook.

3. Make A Large Request Then A Smaller One

Start by making a request for something large and if the person tells you know, you can pretend to accommodate him by requesting something smaller since you really want the small request. This is a technique that is used by children, nonprofit organizations and business owners.….READ MORE ON THE NEXT PAGE