6 Ways of Making a Man to Fall in Love With You


4. Show Self Respect as a Woman

If you do not show the man in your life that you respect yourself, he will lose respect for you in the long run. When your boyfriend makes a hurtful and sarcastic comment, you want to make sure that he never disrespects you again by firmly telling him that you will not tolerate the bad treatment from him. Never let your boyfriend take advantage of you financially or demand sex when you do not want to engage in it.

5. Ditch the Cling Behavior

Men generally do not like it when women smother them with visits, phone calls, e-mails and text messages during the day because they will start to think you are a clingy person whose life revolves around men. You do not want to give the men this impression so throughout the relationship give your boyfriend space so that he will have time for his friends, work and other priorities.

6. Be Sweet

When with my friends, we’ll trash or gossip some other girl for being trashy or rude, but that is not a good┬ábehavior. It is the type of behavior which does not make men to be interested in a lady. Men love sweet ladies, and who are not into gossiping.