6 ways that can help you burn the belly fat faster


How to lose belly fat is one of the questions that is asked the most. In truth the fat in the belly is the most dangerous types and not only because of looks and large waist line but also because the fat of belly is the indicator of a lot of diseases.

So how do you think we can lose belly fat. Crunches alone cannot help. First we need to know the exact reason. The weight gain at belly is mainly because of the high cortisol secretion and stress is the main reason for this. When we take stress the cortisol gets secreted and destroys the lean muscles in our body. Apart from that cortisol secretion also holds fat in the abdomen and store it. If we add bad dieting to this stress the situation gets worsened. The fatal combination of bad dieting with stress increases the levels of cortisol in the body and thereby result in no change of belly fat even when you have restricted your calorie consumption.

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To get out of this situation and be in shape you can use these 6 steps with which you can get a flat belly quickly.

1. Proper sleep

The type of work today requires a lot of people to get up late at night. But if you want to cut on that belly fat think twice before working late at night. When you don’t sleep on time you crave for fat building foods more than healthy food. If you do not set your bio rhythm correct you get tired and the body produces ghrelin which means you crave more for fat foods. Also losing sleep leads to increased cortisol levels as it alters the production of hormones and all this result in insulin sensitivity which is proved to be the main reason behind increase belly fat. So when your goal is to shape up the body make sure you get 7 hours sleep at night.….READ MORE ON THE NEXT PAGE