6 ways that can help you burn the belly fat faster


2. Exercises are necessary but in short burst

You might think that if we do 1000 crunches at a time we can build our abdominal muscles. But the fact is that this type of muscle will have a layer of fat on the top. Instead of one type of exercise for a long time you can try exercises that require various muscles. For example, planking is a good option where you place yourself in a push up position with forearms on the ground. You can try planking for about 3-4 times and hold yourself up for about 30 seconds. Another good option is to go for short walks during the day.

3. Say big no to sugars:

Believe me these are your biggest enemies. When you are looking for losing belly fat you need to realize that 80% of it depends upon the healthy diet. You need to fill yourself up with healthy options like whole grains, vegetables, proteins instead of snacking on fried and fast food. If you have a craving for sweets you can try Muscle Milk lite which has zero sugar and a lot of proteins. Another good option is the use of cinnamon in coffee or oatmeal. It is believed that cinnamon can stabilize sugar in blood and also slows down the rate at which the food gets burnt in the stomach.….READ MORE ON THE NEXT PAGE