6 Ways to be Highly Organized



There are many people that try as hard as they can to be organized, but cannot make it a daily habit. This can get in the way of their relationships, job or financial situation. For those who are highly organized, there are tons of benefits. You will get more done, avoid many problems and appear to be more professional toward others. If you are not organized and you want to learn how to be it doesn’t happen overnight. The following techniques will help you in organizing your life and time.

1. Start Small

One of the best ways to start being organized is by learning how to be with small things such as a purse or a wallet. If you cannot organize the small things then how will you be able to organize the big things?





If you have a purse it can accumulate old receipts and junk quite easily. Once a week make it a habit of cleaning out your purse. Toss out any trash that you might have or organize the cards in your wallet according to how often you use them.

2. Clothes and Laundry

Your closet is the one place that you are likely to use every day. Do you find it difficult to get dressed in the morning because you cannot find the shirt or jeans that you’re looking for? You can save time and frustration by color coordinating your closet or at least hanging everything up according to season. Make sure that you get your laundry done quickly as well so that you don’t end up re-wearing a dirty piece of clothing to work.….READ MORE ON THE NEXT PAGE