6 Ways to Choose the Right Polish



There are a lot of different ways to choose the right polish but you have to know what to look for when your choosing. There are many times when you think that the color in the bottle is fantastic but when you put it on your nails it doesn’t look the same at all. Some women think that they can pull off any color but that isn’t the case at all. If you have problems with colors then consider the following steps.

1. Seasonal Hues

Different types of polishes work well for different seasons. Even if they don’t look spectacular on you, they will look appealing towards others because its “trendy.” For spring time go with pastel colors and in the winter time go for something that’s a bit more dramatic. During the fall, step outside of your box and go with a metallic polish.






2. Event Based

Choose the colors that you want based around the event that you are attending. If a special occasion is coming up choose a color that is themed for it. You can choose a formal color for work and for school or a flashy color for the times that you go out. If you will be in a professional environment then a neutral shade may be a better idea for you. During the evening choose bright or metallic colors.

3. Skin Tone

Your skin tone has a lot to do with the right nail color and the perfect polish. You are going to need something that is complimentary toward your complexion and tone. If you have a skin color that is fair go for light shades. If you have dark skin it looks wonderful with bright colors and dramatic shades. For olive tones go with a gold or bronze toned paint.….READ MORE ON THE NEXT PAGE