6 Ways to Improve Weak Nails



All of us will suffer form weak nails eventually. It’s important to know how to strengthen your weak nails so that they can grow back into their strong and healthy condition. Wanting great nails will come from receiving the right nutrition and taking care of them correctly. Follow these techniques so that you can obtain perfect, model nails.

1. Use Skin Cream

Using skin cream is a great way to improve your weak nails. You should be massaging this into your nails a couple of times a day. Do it after you’ve showered and before you go to bed. You should also consider applying it twice as often during the winter when the weather is much colder.

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2. Nail Cover-Up’s

One of the best things that you can do for weak nails is going to protect them from further damage. If you are dealing with chemicals, detergent or you are doing a lot of activities outside you should always wear gloves. While you are washing dishes you’ll want to apply some cream and then put the protective gloves on afterwards. The heat is also going to help your skin absorb the cream and the gloves will protect them from drying out or tearing.

3. Use your Nails Correctly

Make sure that you are not using your nails as tools. Use the tools for that! If you are prone to splitting then you should avoid opening up any bottles with your nails.


4. Adopt Manicure Techniques

A great way to improve the strength in your weak nails is by using the right manicure techniques for them. First off you’re going to want to start with a quality file, not a cardboard one. Use a glass file instead and it’s going to seal the keratin into your nails. File them from the center and make sure that you file them the right way instead of filing in opposite directions.….READ MORE ON THE NEXT PAGE