6 Ways To Keep Your Mind on Your Studies



So you are taking boring classes this semester such as biology, chemistry, world history and world literature but you know you need to pass these classes in order to get to the next semester successfully without flunking out. You tried to motivate yourself to study by turning on good music while reading that uninteresting chapter on the British monarchy but now you find yourself not focused on the book. Here are six ways on how you can stay focused as you study.






1. Leave Those Distractions Alone

The main reason why some people do not study effectively is because they have too many distractions around them. If you are going to get the most out of your study time, you need to do so in a quiet environment. Turn your cell phone on silent, turn off the TV, radio and computer and proceed to study. If you have a roommate or siblings in the house, tell them that you will be studying for a few hours and that you do not want to be distracted. After successfully studying for some hours, a good way of rewarding yourself is by checking your Twitter account, your Facebook account, or doing something relaxing. However, you should not forget to get back to what you are studying.….READ MORE ON THE NEXT PAGE