6 Ways To Spot Manipulation From Others



It was after a long time that I understood the different ways through which people manipulate one another. Like any other person reading this article, I have had problems in my life, but I did not know that people were manipulating me. What I could only notice was that I was second-guessing myself constantly, or I used to walk away from those feeling awful about myself. To get what they want from others, people manipulate, and there are many ways through which they do this. This article presents some of the ways of recognizing manipulation, so that you would know how to deal with others when they are trying to manipulate you.

1. Smooth Talk and Overabundance of Compliments

There is nothing wrong with receiving compliments as long as they are sincere. However, whenyou hear nothing but compliments and flattery from someone, this means that he is trying to manipulate you into doing what he wants you to do and he does this by causing you to let yourguard down. Watch out for flattery in your relationships. In most cases, that flattery can range from simply by affirming you are important and valued, to praising your talent and appearance. Though these are comments which could be true, they do not mean that a manipulator believes them. They are just being used by the manipulator to flatter you and get what he wants.….READ MORE ON THE NEXT PAGE