6 Ways To Spot Manipulation From Others


2. Tearing Down Your Worth With Blackmail

Many friends and dating partners use this technique and it is clearly manipulation. If your girlfriend says that if you are a good boyfriend you would give her money all of the time, thenshe is manipulating you to get money from you. Or if your son tells you that you do not care about his social life if you do not allow him to hang out with people that are not a good influence, then this is manipulation.

3. Pity Party

Some people in your life would resort to working overtime to make you feel sorry for them sothey can get you to come over to their way of thinking or get you to do what they want. You donot want to fall for this, especially if they are unstable persons in general. Some people whouse this technique are also co-dependent.

4. Being Uncomfortable

You are likely being manipulated if you are with a person who just blurted out things (about others or you) in order to change the emotional atmosphere. Perhaps, the person generally says inappropriate things to get any reaction, in most cases a negative one. If just for fun, a person likes making you and others to feel uncomfortable, it signifies that you are being manipulated. While you may think that the person is being funny, he is really not. If you are not careful, you may be giving in to the whims of that individual.

5. Public Embarrassment

Another sign of manipulation is when a person embarrasses you out of spite and claims he wastrying to be funny. If your friend or dating partner is doing this to you on a regular basis, then you need to end the relationship. People who do this are often insecure or jealous of you so theyput others down.

6. Inability To Tell The Truth

When a person is manipulative, they are not going to tell the truth and they are good at makingup elaborate stories that seem real so you can stay in the relationship and believe that they haveyour best interests in mind. It generally starts out with small lies then it proceeds to bigger ones.


No one likes to be manipulated and if you feel you are being manipulated, you need to confront the other person and let her know that her behavior will not be tolerated any longer and that if it continues, you will end the relationship. Once you find out that you were manipulated, you may feel embarrassed but you can do something about it. You can decide not to let others determine your worth but instead take back your worth and rebuild your life. If you have a pattern of being in manipulative relationships, it would be a good idea to seek counseling to get to the root of the problem. Maybe you did not feel loved by your parents or you endured bullying from others as a child.