6 Wonderful Eye Shadow Palettes That You Can Buy for Less Than $50


When you need a collection of eye shadow colors, a palette is the best choice. When you compare the price of a single color to the price per color on a palette, you will see that it is less expensive to buy your eye shadow in a palette. These are six great eye shadow palettes with hot colors and cool prices:


As a Hello Kitty fan, the case is to die for and the colors are just as fabulous! The shape of the palette is practically irresistible and the zebra print is fun, too. The case contains 13 colors, with 7 neutrals and 5 brights. When you wear these colors in your favorite combinations, your eyes will be showstoppers. Each shadow has a silky smooth formula for a flawless blend and easy application.






The best part of the palette is the fact that it comes with extras! The Hello Kitty compact mirror is just one of the goodies; the mirror has the same zebra print as the case. It is an easy piece to throw in your purse and use for touch-ups throughout the day. The palette also comes with a liquid eyeliner pen. This precision-tipped pen lets you create a thin or thick line to polish the look you want. The entire palette is a keeper. You can get the Wild Thing palette for $34, which is a bargain considering the palette is really worth $200.


If you love neutral eye makeup, the Urban Decay Naked Basics is the perfect palette for you. The shadows in this set are designed to enhance any skin tone and eye color. The palette comes with a black eyeshadow that you can use as a liner or as a shadow. All of the shadows are matte finished, so they look amazing in any light. If you already have some bold colors, these basic neutrals can make your eyes pop. This palette will last a long time because of the rich formula that Urban Decay uses.….READ MORE ON THE NEXT PAGE