6 Words People Tend to Overuse



There are thousands of words in the English language but in many areas people tend to overuse words that are not exactly “proper.” You would think that since so many people attend college and get high paying jobs that they would begin to use words that are more professional – but, that is not the case. The following are 6 words that people overuse and use far too often.

1. The Word “Whatever”

The word whatever is used far too often. This is often used in the case that someone wants to end an argument or disagrees with something that you’re saying. When it I used the fight can actually escalate and turn into something a lot worse. This is a bit passive aggressive and what it actually implies is that you do care but you’re going to use this word just so that you can either fight more, or forget about the argument. It is definitely a rude word when it is used in a certain context and you should definitely avoid using it in the case of an argument.






2. California Slang

You may tie the word “dude” to California and the many movies that have revolved around surfers and their slang words. This is a word that is used often by guys, especially in high school and in college. It can definitely be over-used and it is becoming more and more of an annoyance with time. If you start to look for the word in conversations by other people, you will find that it is used entirely too often.

3. Valley Girl Language

The word “like” is used by girls, especially high school and college girls entirely too often. It can be used as filler or a word to use when you’re trying to describe something but you cannot find the right vocabulary that is necessary to describe something. This is definitely not an intellectual way to explain something to someone and it’s best that if it is a habit for you, you try to kick that habit immediately.….READ MORE ON THE NEXT PAGE