7 Actors Who Have The Best Eyes


4. Terrence Howard

What a yummy man with expressive eyes. His emotion jumps off of the screen and right into the hearts of the viewers. He is mesmerizing and can instantly show his mood through those attractive brown eyes.

5. Hugh Laurie

Hugh has unexpected blue eyes that bring show his heart and soul. They brought the depth into his unforgettable character, Dr. House, and they make him look younger than he really is. Those bright blue eyes bring a certain spark to his characters and they add a little bit of naughtiness, too.

6. Ryan Reynolds

Those eyes do it all. Ryan Reynold has some gorgeous facial features, but his dreamy eyes create the total picture. His eyes show that he can be serious and intense, but silly and fun, too. They really do show that he is always thinking, even if he is thinking about pulling a prank.

7. Zac Efron

From the time that he first appeared in the hit High School Musical, girls were smitten with Zac. He has grown up into a sexy and attractive adult, but his eyes still have that youthful sparkle that they had when he was much younger.