7 Amazing and Glamorous Nail Polishes



For a long time, I have been looking for unique nail polishes because I like trying different things. Some time ago, I bought scented nail polish and since then, I have been interested in trying some other new ones. Today, there are always new polishes, and if you are willing to explore the world of nail art, you should consider some of the unique nail polishes listed below.

1. Crackle Nail Polishes

Crackle nail polishes are the kind of polishes where after applying them to your nails, the polish makes cracked appearances on your nails.





In order to get the best effects from this crackle polish, it is best to put on a solid color first before you put on the crackle polish. You can also experiment with different color combinations with crackle polish.

2. Glow-Based Nail Polishes

Another unique nail polish every woman must have is the glow-in-the dark nail polishes. The main reason for wearing this polish is for your nails to light up at night although some women wear it in daylight hours. Some glow-based nail polish colors are magenta, bright yellow and green.….READ MORE ON THE NEXT PAGE