7 Amazing Ways To Maintain Friendships



Whether your friends are living in different parts of the country, far from you, or you are just too busy, there are certain ways of maintaining your friendship. The technology available today has made it possible to easily communicate with others. You can use your game systems, cell phone, and the old fashioned letters to let others know about your life and that you are always remembering them. You should maintain contact with those you love; this is done by using one or all the ways mentioned below.

  1. Create A Set Time for Communication or Hanging Out

Do not use your work life or family obligations as an excuse for why you cannot maintain  the friendships you have. If you call your friends but it always seems to be the wrong time, create a set time for talking on the phone, talking by way of Skype or hanging out together. By doing this you put forth a real effort to build the friendship.







  1. Mail Your Friend Letters and Birthday Cards

If your longtime friend lives out of town, take the initiative and write your friend letters during the year because it lets your friend know that you care and that you have not forgotten about him. If you know his birthday or another special occasion such as retirement coming up, send him a special card letting him know that you appreciate him as a friend.

  1. Utilize The Tool Skype

Communication through the Internet has gotten easier thanks to this neat tool called Skype.  All you have to do is install Skype on your computer and ask your friend to do the same. After you both do this, you can log on Skype with your passwords and you will be able to communicate face to face.….READ MORE ON THE NEXT PAGE