7 Amusing Myths about Red Hair



There are some comical myths when it comes to people who have red hair. There are some weird, some funny and some that are actually quite insulting toward redheads.

1. Redheads Turn into Vampires

There are ancient Greeks that used to believe that when people with red hair passed, they would turn into a vampire. This was a myth that started early on and was absolutely absurd although it stuck around for quite awhile.






2. Menstruation Myth

For some time it was said that redheads were conceived when women were on their period. This is obviously absolute nonsense but it was a myth for quite some time.

3. They have Bad Luck

It was said by the Ancient Egyptians that redheads were said to be unlucky. They offered them in sacrifice and this was said to be the end of the unlucky streak. They were killed in rituals only because of their unlucky shade of hair color. Romans had thought that they actually brought luck and were desirable only when they were purchased as slaves.


4. Redheads have Bad Tempers

For years it’s been said that redheads have fiery tempers and strong libidos. There isn’t much research on this topic but it’s still a myth.….READ MORE ON THE NEXT PAGE