7 Amusing Myths about Red Hair


5. Bees Attach Redheads

The myth about redheads is that Post to Post Links II error: No post found with slug "511" are more likely to sting them, more likely than blonde hair or brunette hair. Is this a true fact? Do redheads require more anesthetic?


6. Redheads and Fire

Throughout the Spanish Inquisition redheads by the hundreds that had died due to the Spaniards. Many thought that the redheads were witches that had stolen the fires of hell. They were then burned at the stake.

7. Redheads Hair Turns Blonde

Toward any redhead that is out there hoping that they fade into obscurity it is a myth that red hair turns blonde before it turns grey. Is this a myth? For those of us who turn grey immediately after age, it’s quite unfair if redheads turn blonde instead of grey.

Although there are many myths, some of them deem to be a bit more implausible than others. Some look at being a redhead as a disadvantage while many look at it as being a rare beauty. It is a rare color but it is beautiful to say the least.