7 Bad Habits Which Can Damage Your Hair


1. Wearing Ponytails Too Often

There is nothing wrong with wearing a ponytail on bad hair days but it is not a good idea to wear the ponytail frequently because as your hair is pulled back tightly in a rubberband and if you sleep with the rubberband on, you put yourself at risk of hair damage and breakage. In addition, this may also cause alopecia.

2. Overuse of Relaxers

Many women turn to chemical relaxers to straighten their hair or make it wavy but what the women do not realize is that if they use these relaxers too much, they are susceptible to hair damage due to the lye and other kinds of chemicals in the relaxer. If you want to straighten your hair, you can use a flat iron or hot comb but be sure to use them sparingly as excess use of heating tools can damage the hair.

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3. Washing Your Hair With Hot Water

It is never good to wash your hair with hot water because as you do this, you cause hair breakage over a period of time. Instead you should wash your hair with cold or lukewarm water.

4. Untrimmed Ends

One of the easiest ways to cause hair damage is to not trim your ends for a number of weeks because when you do not eliminate split ends, these ends will eventually break on their own and this causes hair damage and reduction of hair growth. Every few weeks you should trim the ends yourself or visit the stylist.….READ MORE ON THE NEXT PAGE