7 Bad Hair Habits That Are Damaging Your Hair


If you wonder why your hair is not as healthy as it should be, it could be because of some of the bad hair habits that you have. When you do not take care of your hair properly, it becomes damaged and difficult to handle. Here are seven bad hair habits that destroy the health of your hair.

  1. Too Many Chemical Treatments

            One reason why your hair is damaged is because you are using too many chemicals in your hair.

For example, when you use a perm frequently, you hair eventually breaks and becomes

damaged. If you want straighter hair it is better to use a hot comb although you should not use

heat on your hair in excess. You also should not use hair dye in your hair too often for the same


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  1. Excess Heat on Your Hair

            This is another culprit for hair damage and it leads to hair breakage. Instead of using curling

irons and flat irons frequently, you should choose hairstyles that require as little use of heating

tools as possible. Braided hairstyles are excellent because they last long and are manageable.

  1. Not Trimming Those Split Ends

            You may think that your hair will not grow out longer if you trim your split ends but in fact it is

necessary that you trim your split ends because if you fail to do so, your damaged ends could

break and this causes hair damage.….READ MORE ON THE NEXT PAGE

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