7 Basic Important Rules to Lip Makeup



Do you like bright or saturated lipstick colors? This is how to enhance those flawless lip lines and bring out the best in your lips.

1. Red lips require flawless skin tone, so they will not work without corrector or concealer.

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2. Lipstick can be applied without a contour if lips are in a beautiful and correct form.

3. If you want to reduce big lips slightly, use a simple trick: apply lipstick in the center and then use it to brush and shade the edges. If the lower lip is significantly larger than the upper, only use a contour with the upper lip. If you want to select two different colors, the upper lip should be darker than the bottom, lighter lip.

Lip Makeup
Lip Makeup

Image Source: venusbuzz

4. To add volume to thin lips, use a thick transparent base. It’s better if applied over a dense glitter lip balm-based wax.….READ MORE ON THE NEXT PAGE