7 Beautiful and Easy Summer Hairstyles Worth Trying



Summer is a time for being carefree, staying cool and letting loose, and a better way of achieving all three is with some breezy, easy, summer hairstyles. You do not even need to use the straightening irons, the hairdryer and all other styling products requiring heat, making you to sweat. Therefore, you should always look cute, stay fresh and keep it cool using these super easy and cute summer hairstyles.






1. The Ponytail

The go-to, age-old hairstyle is always fashionable and it is one of the easiest summer hairstyles which can be made. In addition to the ease, there are also many ways of wearing this style. With your hair slicked back, pull it all together, securing it on top of the crown using an elastic band in creating a playful and attention-grabbing look. At the nape of the neck, gather it loosely for a more romantic and sophisticated style, and for an edgier look, pull it to the side of your head. Extra dimension and interest can be added by securing the pony with a ribbon or a bandana or pulling a few strands of the hair out to frame the face.