7 Beautiful Hair Jewelry for Updating a Woman’s Hairdo


2. Rhinestone Hair Pins

In some cases, hair jewelry can be as simple as a set of hair pins, and you can get the pins which add the extra sparkle to the hairdo. They are not expensive, with the dainty ones from Forever 21 usually costing about $2.80. With the slide pins, you will have rhinestone accents in various colors and shapes, perfect for jazzing up a low chignon or pinning back a fringe.

3. Gem Headband

The popularity of headbands in the fashion world depends on the season, and this is the time we have a trend towards embellished, over-the-top designs. A decadent touch should be added to your outfit using a headband such as this one having an embellished drop design with the gemstone detailing. Though the high-quality one costs more, it is still possible to get this headband from ASOS for less than $21.….READ MORE ON THE NEXT PAGE