7 Beautiful Hair Jewelry for Updating a Woman’s Hairdo


4. Filigree Hair Elastic

If you want to update a basic ponytail, you should use metallic hair cuffs. It is a good idea to choose the one with an ornate pattern, so as to have a unique touch. This Forever 21’s hair elastic has a curved medallion with a filigree pattern of the vintage era. For less than $3, it is a cheap and an easy way of having an updated hairdo.

5. Vine Tikka

With this pretty tikka from ASOS, you should let your hair jewelry shine front and center, as it has an embellished rhinestone drop and a silver tone finish. You only need to clip it into the hair around the fringe for the jeweled drop to sit centered on the forehead. This is a very good option for updating your usual party look.

6. Jewel Hair Brooch

Using a jewel hair brooch is an effective and simple way of adding some glamour to your hairdo, and in this season for maximum impact, you should use heavy jeweled designs. This ASOS jewel hair brooch costs about $14, and has a hair slide fastening and faceted stone embellishments. To have the attractive look you have always desired, should wear your hair out, securing the brooch on one side.

7. Swarovski Crystal Headpiece

Today, the popular fashion items are jeweled headpieces and chains, great for working a bohemian-inspired and an eclectic look. For maximum impact, you only need to slip a headpiece on top of the hairdo. Though the piece from Jennifer Behr costs $400, there are still cheaper and similar headpieces such as Urban Outfitters and Modcloth.

These are some of the hair items that could be taken advantage of to boost your attractiveness as you update your hairdo. Do you have your own way of updating your hairdo? Which of these hair accessories is your favorite?