7 Beauty Secrets from the Best Hollywood Cosmetologists



Just Add Water

“Many young girls ignore facial toners and apply facial cream immediately after washing the face. I was doing this myself, but after I turned 30y.o. I actually added it to my beauty routine – since then my skin changed for the better. Toner helps clean the face of the remnants of cleanser, as well as neutralize the negative effects of hard water from the tap “- Holly Bierli, cosmetologist, Los Angeles.

Double the protection

Star cosmetologist, aesthetician Renee Rouleau, believes that beautiful skin – is the skin that doesn’t know ultraviolet rays. Therefore, she protects it not only with the SPF cream, but also applies vitamins C and E in the special form for external use to the face.


Only serenity

“I steep a chamomile tea and use it during washing my face every time my skin doesn’t feel very well – when it’s red, inflamed and scaly. There’s no better soothing beauty product yet! “- Hollywood cosmetologist Joanna Vargas.

Battle the cellulite!

Aesthetist from Beverly Hills, Gina Marie, prefers to fight cellulite with a budget wrap from ground coffee. “Brew coffee with a small amount of boiling water, cool slightly and apply with a thick layer on problem areas, then wrap them in a food wrap. Leave on for half an hour, then wash it off and apply anti-cellulite serum – if you do this procedure regularly, bumps will smooth noticeably and the volume will decrease,”- she says.….READ MORE ON THE NEXT PAGE