7 Beauty Secrets from the Best Hollywood Cosmetologists


Hands in the pockets

“Hands – this is an area that girls often ignore in home care, that’s why they are the first ones to age. I taught myself to always apply anti-age products to the back of my hands after I applied them to my face. Perhaps now it will seem odd to you, but in 10-15 years you’ll understand the power of this advice, “- says Martha Samkiran, star aesthetician from New York.

It’s time for a mask

“My clients often bring me new jars of face masks, complaining that they don’t use them due to a lack of time. I know the solution to this problem: take them to the shower. Apply the mask and leave it on your face when you come into the shower and wash it off before leaving. Yes, this way the product won’t work at full 100%, but it’s still better than nothing.

Layer by layer

Cosmetologist Nissi McCoy advises to wait five minutes before applying one beauty product over another. “Skin needs time to absorb what you have already given it. Moreover, it should do it by itself – intense massage will only reduce the activity of the product. By the way, this is a particularly relevant advice before applying foundation: if it slips and falls unevenly, it means that you just didn’t wait long enough after applying face cream “- she says.