7 Benefits of a Highlighter


3. Your Bones Look More Structured
Another benefit of using highlighter on your face is that it gives your bones in the face a more structured look. Your jaw bones in particular will look wonderful after using the highlighter and you can be confident in your appearance even on your bad days.
4. Your Nose Doesn’t Look Very Big With Highlighter
When you use highlighter on your nose, it makes the nose appear smaller than what it really is. This is especially a good choice if your nose is naturally big and you do not want to get plastic surgery to reduce it.
5. You Create Illusion of Larger Eyes
Using a good highlighter will create the illusion of bigger eyes and to apply highlighter for this purpose, you would choose a highlighter that best suits your skin tone then you want to apply it to the eyelids.

6. Pain Free Way to Boost Appearance of Bigger Lips
Another reason you should use highlighter is because you want to have the appearance of larger lips when your lips are naturally thin and small. Colored lip highlighters add the extra pizzazz to your lips and outfit.
7. Gets Rid of Evidence of Tired Eyes

If you were hanging out last night or staying up to work on a few articles for your local newspaper editor, you may have tired eyes that include puffiness and dark circles. Aside from tea bags, you can also use highlighter to hide your tired eyes for a few hours.