7 of the Best Gifts That Can be Given to a Woman


1. Personalized Gifts

Most women love personalized gifts and here are some ideas for these gifts. You can give her a monogrammed plaque with an engraved message from you stating your appreciation for her love and support to you over the years. Another idea is to present her with an oil painting of her standing up and next to her image you can paint a few words that best describe her.

2. Anniversary Scrapbook





If you and your wife are celebrating an important wedding anniversary such as your 30th or 40th wedding anniversary, you can create an anniversary scrapbook for her that includes photos of you and her doing different things together and with the children throughout the marriage. On the front cover of the scrapbook paste a few pieces of flowers from the garden.

3. Beautiful Jewelry

Women enjoy beautiful jewelry so you cannot go wrong with this item as a gift for the woman in your life. Give her a pendant necklace that has her birthstone in the middle of the pendant. Another idea is to give her a pearl ring that has colorful gems on the ring’s band. A nice pair of silver dangling earrings or gold squared shaped bracelet would work.….READ MORE ON THE NEXT PAGE